"Upcycling" Ideas

This week I came across this "Upcycling" Fashion Ideas from Wanderlust.
I love this episode where they featured a local Upcycling designer from Berlin: 
I love her Collection.

These are my favorite design in her 2012 Fall collection.

This "Upcycling" Fashion has been my inspirations.
Making something out of scraps and old clothes.
 I always wanted to design and create my own clothes from thrift shops and create a whole new design of clothes. This year I`ll be fulfilling my Dream. 
I`ll be learning tailoring from my mom because she`s the perfect mentor.
My mom has been a tailor since we are young, she makes all my gowns and clothes and I want to be like her. I can`t wait to master it and start my own "UpCycling" designs.


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