The Golden Midnight

The biggest life changing experience I had last October 11,2013 as Masskara Fashion week's flagship project. 

I was chosen as one of the Young designer in Bacolod City (BCYD).
BCYD is a pool of young and promising fashion designers in the city. BCYd os the first of its kind in the fashon industry of Bacolod- an organization collaboration of the city's up and rising experts in the field of designing. 

For the launching, we were asked to create a collection a 4 pieces of designs.
A month to gather all the inspirations and create a masterpiece.
After a long month of process and mentoring, I came up with these designs.

These was launched on the night of October 11th
A mini black dress with a beaded details, layered with an open corset and a DIY clutch bag.
A jumpsuit layered with a beaded details and layered with a tailored chinese collared jacket
  A chiffon blouse layered with a beaded detail corset and worn with shorts.

The final runway walk.

The Finale masterpiece 
During the Gala night, October 16th.
at New Government Center

I'm proud of what I accomplished this year.
A dream come true for me.
My every supporting family.

Photo credits 
official Masskara photographers.

to see other collections of my fellow Bacolod Circle of Young Designers.
Check our facebook page.


Chameleon: City Of Love Color Festival 2013



It was Epic FUN! despite the long travel, heat, sweat, and dust. It was all the worth. 
The crowd and the music was AWESOME!
It was an all day event for me, we traveled to Ilo-Ilo 8 a.m and we got there around 9 a.m. The festival started at 3 p.m and up to 3 a.m it was all night partying! 
During the event we got so excited about our powdered color and we can't wait longer for the countdown so we started to throw and splash it to our friends and we just enjoyed the moment.