Sweet Escape 2013: Boracay

I'm back Boracay!
If you want to explore The Philippines you shouldn't miss Boracay Island.
When we talk about summer getaway Boracay is the place!
Since it was last year that I was in Boracay, I couldn't help myself to go back this year.
This is actually an unplanned  Summer trip with my sister and a her best friend.
The unplanned trip turned out to be the coolest Summer trip I ever had.
We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, it's actually very short! 
If you want to have a full blast vacation, you need to stay there for a week or more.

So here are some of the photos I took while we were on our vacation.
White sand and blue water. It's so refreshing.
I'm getting a good tan here.
After an hour of sunbathing and swimming, Jona's Milkshakes are the best cooler.
You shouldn't miss Boracay street food. One of it is"isaw" we pronounce it as "e-suwh" it's actually the chicken's intestine. It's really tasty!
Always capture the sunset.
Amazing rock formations.
I feel like jumping from here. It's so clear.
Ariel's point cliff diving spot.
One of the best activities in Boracay, besides from facing your fear of heights you'll get to eat, relax  and enjoy the scenery of the island.
The scariest moment when you got to jump but all the nerves in your body shivers like hell.
We survived the cliff jumping!
Don't forget to check out the Fire dancers.
Boracay sand castle.

Boracay is Love.
I"ll be back next year and this time I"m gonna stay for a week.


  1. Boracay looks amazing! Great photos! It looks like you had a lot of fun there; makes me want to visit! ;)

    xo Saretta
    The Lion in Jewels

    1. It's indeed a good place to relax, the view, food and the beach.

  2. Beautiful photos, I'm so jealous! Would like to escape there instead of having a week full of exams :(
    P.S.: Lovely blog:)

    1. Someday you will, I wish you good luck on you exams.

  3. This place is wonderful!


  4. Wow what a beautiful place... :O WOw your so lucky xxxx

    im your newest follower xxxx