First day of Christmas

It`s the season that we all been waiting for.
Christmas Season!
It`s time to give and receive.

This year I decided to get an Advent calendar. 
To  tell the truth it`s my first time to have one. I feel like I`m a kid again.
I never had one back in The Philippines, it`s not so popular back then.
So, last Friday I went to Kaldi to get one and I had a hard time to choose which one to get.
Everything seems to be cute but when I saw this vintage design,
 I didn`t hesitate to get it since it was the last one.

Today is the first of December and it`s the first day to open one of the box.
I`m so excited!
When I opened it I got a chocolate.
I can`t really explain what I feel. It`s like opening your first ever present.

By the way What`s your Christmas wishlist?
It`s actually freezing outside. Tonight`s temperature is -3 degrees and it`s already snowing.

Here I`m wearing::
A pink Barbie sweater (thrifted for $5)
earmuffs ($3)

Did you get an Advent calendar too?


  1. It´s started snowing today here ;) No,I don´t have an advent calender this year,btu I love this season and can´t wait for Christmas ;)

  2. Nice post. Following you.

    With love Vilma


  3. How exciting! You look adorable. I really haven't started thinking about Christmas yet.

    <3 Melissa

  4. You look so cute with your ear warmers. Christmas calendars are so exciting! I have one too, it's not as pretty as yours, but there are perfume samples inside and I try them all. Love, Sara xx