Getting ready for parties?
Party here, Party there and Party everywhere.
It`s the month for parties!

Have you found the perfect dress for Christmas eve?

I found this pretty black dress with small ribbons on it. I got this dress from 
Earth Music & Ecology + collaboration with Hello kitty. 
The small ribbons are so pretty I couldn`t resist it.

To match the outfit I bought a golden headband with small diamonds.
It cost me \500. 
I also bought Odango buns for hair volume 
and hair volume base for \100.

I also did a D.I.Y ribbon clutch to match the dress.
I got a ribbon hair clip and a sunglasses case at Daiso
and it only cost me \200.

I also got 3 colored tights for the cold weather. 
3 tights costs \1,000 and 1 piece cost \350.

I can`t wait to wear this on Christmas Eve.

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